The Last of Us Remastered

31 Jan


Released: July 2014

Platform: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3

Age Certificate: 18+

Real Life Review GirlfriendGirlfriend test:

(The test considers how much the game allows you to play for an indeterminable amount of time while your girlfriend does her make-up. The ability to regularly save and autosave and the ability to pause are brought into question. It also rates how important sound is – will your girlfriend’s hairdryer or music be the matter of life and death for your character?)

This is a game that you want to play in a dark room with no background noise and certainly no distractions.

You can play it with Justin Bieber playing in the background, but you will get your neck bitten many, many more times if you do this. You would also deserve it just for listening to Justin Bieber. Just don’t bother trying to play for a quick ten minutes while your girlfriend messes around. This game deserves and requires your full, undivided attention. Sound is very important in this game, as zombie screams are frequently your queue to go hide somewhere FAST. Realistically, you can use Joel’s listening super power all the time, but the voice acting really is superb and you will want to listen to everything as it adds to the overall atmosphere of the game.

The game is great for saving. It autosaves pretty much every minute or so, and most ordeals are only few minutes long before you are given a break. You can pause whenever you want too! You can exploit the save system and just sprint through hard parts of a level and the respawn with all the bad guys returned to their default position, but you should try to play the game naturally.

Score: 3/10

Girlfriend: “What is that clicking sound?”

Me: “Clickers”

Girlfriend: “Wahhh me no likey” 

This game does well on the sound, quick play and saving aspects of this test, but you should really play this game in a self contained bubble for full effect. You can play the game muted, but you will feel like you are missing out on a big part of the game.

Real Life Review GirlfriendMate test:

(You are playing the game and your housemate walks in. Apart from Fifa they are pretty much uneducated in gaming. This test is a mix of the coolness rating, pick-up-and-play-ability, and most importantly: same console multiplayer. Anything that could be called ‘gayyyyy’ loses points in this test.)

You will let out an exasperated sigh when your mate walks in the room. You wont let them have a go on single player as it will ruin the game for you. Unless you want to start a new game and watch them play… If your mate has a go on multiplayer, they will die loads. The controls are simple yet surprisingly hard to get used to, and the play style is alien to the un-initiated.

There is no same console multiplayer as usual, but many people are happy to sit and watch you play for a bit. Unless they come in after you just cleared a room of zombies and you are just checking drawers for nuts and bolts, the game moves at a pace similar to decent TV series. The ease with which you characters can be ripped apart generates a real sense of suspense for you and your audience.

Score: 2/10

Mate: “What film is this?”

Me: “It’s a game”

Mate: “Wow”

You don’t really want distractions when you play and you wont let your mate play, but your mate might want to watch.

Real life review Parent TestParent test:

(Imagine you have parents that are easily offended – especially by sexual themes and swearing; and at random intervals they invade your room.)

Actually, this game is not too bad for the parent test. Swearing is pretty frequent but it is always necessary given the circumstances. Generally the gore isn’t too bad, unless your character gets munched. If you get caught by a bloater you need to make sure parents are out the room as the cut scene is offensively gruesome.

The Last of Us presents some incredibly creepy shit when you meet Dave. If you had strict parents, this part of the game could easily result in your game CD being split in two if they knew what was going on. Thankfully for you, it is pretty subtle so you should be OK if a parent barges in your room.

Score: 4/10

Parent: “Those mushroom head people don’t seem to like you”

If your parents are used to video game extreme violence and swearing you will be fine. Not a game for the living room.

Real life review inner rageThe Inner Rage Test:

(You have had a bad day and you want to feel a sense of achievement. This section talks about how frustrating them game is.)

You get pretty big kicks every time you make it through a section of the game. These kicks are multiplied if you do it without dying, or even without being detected. When you complete it, you have a sort of feeling of loss, like the feeling you get when you wont see two buddies again.

There were no glitches in my game, which was a first in my book. If you get stuck on a section you blame yourself rather than the game design. I know I played in a run and gun style at the start but I gradually became more stealthy out of necessity. I was sad that the achievements/trophies were incredibly hard to get, but that didn’t really matter.

Score: 9/10

This game left me feeling immensely satisfied. Every time I took down a bad guy I was like ‘hell yeah’. This -1 point is for making the trophies too hard to get.

real life review overallOverall:

(I briefly rate games on a number of factors such as graphics, storyline, entertainment and longevity irrespective of the other tests.)

I loved this game. It really is a once-in-a-generation kind of game. The graphics were clear and crisp and the environments were far more beautiful and varied then I imagined they could be. I was astounded that you would just sprint right through areas people had clearly taken weeks to design.

I story line is pretty breathtaking. If you have yet to play the game, don’t read any spoilers. I really was shocked by the story on several occasions. I haven’t cared about characters in a game this much before.

I for one didn’t feel like giving it a second play through, so longevity wasn’t there for me. It is quite a quick game compared to the likes of Skyrim etc, but in quality was so high in every other aspect that this did not matter to me.

Score: 10/10

Once in a generation perfection.


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